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    The excerpt font in the slider default is a light grey text on a light grey background. How and where can I chnage this to contrast and make it easier to read? There are a number of color options within the theme but I couldn’t find any for the slider beyond background color. CSS modification? What would that code be? Thanks.

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    Kenneth John Odle


    To change the color of the top and bottom bars, go to

    Graphene Options >> Colors >> Slider

    To change the color of the background of the post title and description:

    .slider-entry-wrap {background: #000;}

    To change the color of the post title in the slider:

    .slider_post h2 { background: #000;}

    To change the color of the post description in the slider:

    slider_post_entry {background: #000;}

    Add all CSS changes to Custom CSS feature in Graphene or child theme stylesheet.

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