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    After spending a half hour or so looking for this topic, I decided to post my specific question:

    I am trying to implement a front page slider that links to my various pages, but will give a short, bullet-point format (with line breaks) description of each page on the slide, rather than the default excerpt in paragraph format taken from the beginning of the associated page. Furthermore, the formatting of whatever content I put at the top of the associated post/page is lost, as the slide’s excerpt seems to be forced into paragraph format, rather than using the actual format of the pages’ text.

    Essentially, how can I change the content and formatting of the excerpt of each slide without changing the page? I AM using a child theme, and after some study at w3schools, am confident enough to create the text and formatting I desire, but don’t know where to start with this particular problem. It may be worthwhile to note that I would still prefer to show the “featured picture” for the page, it at all possible.

    After inspecting the slider and its button with firebug, I am not certain this is feasible via CSS because the slider objects, seemingly created via the

    <div class="slider_post_entry clearfix"> and <a class="block-button"......</a>

    classes appear to be created and populated at run-time and not hard coded anywhere. Therefore, I suspect that I would have to venture into .php territory to find where graphene creates its “clearfix” objects, which is currently beyond my skill level to do without a little guidance. If I can use css to change the content, and just format it myself, how would one recommend doing so?

    To whomever responds: thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you!

    My website is:


    Kenneth John Odle


    Use a custom excerpt to display the content you want in the slider.

    Go to Graphene Options >> Display Options >> Excerpts Display Options and add whatever tags you want to retain in the box labeled “Retain these HTML tags in excerpts”.



    Thank you for such a quick response 🙂

    At first glance, this does indeed seem to solve the formatting issue insofar as I can format the excerpt to my liking by keeping the tags. However, it seems that I would still have to put the excerpt content INTO my page, which is poor form when I am trying to summarize the page itself. I do see a check box referring to “manual excerpts”, which sounds promising. After searching through the support documentation, I see no directions on how to input a manual excerpt, but only a reference to the excerpts display options you just notified me of.

    However, after searching the support forum, I found this:

    Do you think this would enable an additional UI feature that would allow me to create a manual excerpt for each of the pages? If so, I think it might solve my problem. 🙂




    To help anyone else out who wanted to customize the slider content on their graphene home page, use the following steps.

    1. Use a child theme, or your changes will be overwritten.

    2. Add the following code to the child theme’s functions.php by navigating from dashboard to appearance>editor, then click function.php on right-hand side of screen. Don’t forget to update the file!

    add_action ('init','theme_init');
    function theme_init()

    3. Go to Pages>All pages>whichever page for which you are making the excerpt.

    4. In upper right hand corner, click screen options to expand the menu, then make sure that “excerpt” check box is selected active.

    5. Scroll down and note the additional field titled “excerpt”.

    6. Enter your desired summary/text/whatever. My testing showed that HTML tags were not necessary, unless you wanted to use specific text modifiers. I just copied and pasted from word, and it worked fine.

    7. Either click preview changes to see how it looks, or update to save the changes, and voila!

    Thanks to grapheme support moderator for quick response and insight. You rock, Mr. Squirrel Jedi!


    Kenneth John Odle


    Sorry I forgot to mention that you have to add support for custom excerpts on pages. I wish WordPress would change that, as just about everybody who uses it wants to do that.

    Thanks for including a nice summary of the steps needed to complete this. I’m sure others will find this information useful. Rock on!

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