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    I have set up a Template with 3 colums:

    Three columns, sidebar left and right


    I see that single Pages can be changing with different format:one column, two, three…


    Where can i edit sidebar widget arena FOR POSTS??

    Thank you for answer.



    Syahir Hakim


    First, you do know that writing in all caps is construed as shouting, right?

    You can change the column setting for individual posts, as there is no “Page template” feature for individual posts in WordPress. You can either set the column setting in the theme’s options to the column mode you want for all posts, and then set the individual pages to the column mode you want for pages, or you can try finding a plugin which allows you to set the page template to be used for individual posts.



    Sory for Caps. Thank you for answer.

    The point is that Three columns template is great for Home page and another manu pages.

    I trying find option for change olny posts Columns. Still didn’t find.

    Cold you help me little more?

    Which name of template and how to change Posts page for two columns?

    The best way will be thesame functions for changing posts Widget Columns like in Pages.


    Syahir Hakim


    You can set the column mode in WP Admin > Appearance > Graphene Options > Display > Column Mode to two-column, and then manually set the column template for each of your pages.

    Note that in order to change the column mode of the front page, you’ll need to use a static front page. But if you’re familiar with a child theme, you can also set any column mode to any posts/pages.



    Thank you.

    All problems are fixed. Greate theme.

    The function what i was looking for was hide in sub-menu.

    Change was very easy but sometimes easy can be difficeulty 🙂

    Sorry for ma English.

    Close topic.




    I’m currently having a problem with this as well and have gone through the steps above but it’s not working for me. The difference for me is that I want two columns on only my posts page which is titled Blog.

    I set all pages to 1 column at wp admin > Appearance > Display >/Column Options

    Next I went to the page I want to show my posts, called Blog, and set that to “Two columns, sidebar on the right”

    The Blog page showed as two columns until I went to Settings > Reading and changed the “Posts page” to Blog. As soon as I set that option the Blog page changed to one column. If I change the post page to another page then the Blog page goes back to the two columns I’d specified.

    What am I doing wrong? How can I fix this?


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