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    Yop all,

    Its very difficult for me to explain my problem, beacause english is hard for me. I will try to explain on my best.

    I’m the webmaster of a WoW Guild site, in France, I have choosen Graphene theme beacause it seem that it anwser at all my graphics possibilities wishs.

    I have install it using WP “system”.

    I have customize it using the forms for that.

    But i have a troubble with on of my widget, “WoW armory inspection”, when I put my “mouse ?” on any stuff icon, a script from the plugin displays the stuff properties from WoWhead database. It’s on a black background when it’s display on “Twenty eleven” theme from WP official core. But with Grapene, it’s on a white background, and it is very difficult to read the stuff properties.

    I think it’s a conflict with a Graphene’s .css, but i don’t have the competences to find it.

    Can you help me ?

    This is my site, for exemple:



    Zip 🙂



    But i have a troubble with on of my widget, “WoW armory inspection”

    I cannot find this anywhere. Is it on your main page?



    Thank you for your fast answer 🙂

    The exact link is

    It’s just after click on our logo.

    The inspection stuff is in the left slidebar the widget where it says “Inspection de Valkator !”


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