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  • marklauber



    How can I change the positions of the menu tabs and the menu bar? Also how can I change the amount of space between the menu tabs?

    Thanks, Mark



    It should say on the menu bar.



    The position of the menu tabs can be set in the admin panel using a custom menu. Simply drag each page/post/category you are using in the custom menu to it’s new position.

    To adjust the size of the menu tabs, you first need to identify the id of the menu tab you would like to change. Then, it is a simple matter of using CSS to change the width.

    NOTE: The theme is designed so each menu item floats to the left. So there is no set width. By specifying a width using css, you should be able to control the width of each tab independently, because you are using the id.

    Once you find the id, enter something like this in your css:

    #MENUID {width:100px;}



    Thanks! I’d like to put a vertical bar (delineator) between menu tabs. Is that possible, if so how?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Just add a border-right or border-left to the element in question.



    Thanks again!



    (Marking as Resolved. Please change if I assumed incorrectly.)

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