Change language of the theme, but not of the WP installation?

  • graphene_supporter


    Is it possible to do it via theme only, so language only changes in theme and my web, although I keep WP installation in English as I find it easier to use admin features and development in english?

    btw…..Graphene is one of the best themes I have seen in my short WP experience


    Kenneth John Odle


    You could just use a Google translate widget, which would allow users to read your blog in whichever language they wish.




    Ok, thanks will use that for future on some other site. but for this one I just want to specificaly change the name of months/days (also in those little cute boxes with dates where the posts are).

    Is it possible to do it simple way?

    Thank you Kennet for fast reply.



    I just realised that I got this other reply.

    Thanks Syahir, this could solve my problems with months/days translated into language of my liking.

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