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    Hi, i need Graphene in italian language, I already installed WordPress italian but Graphene still has some things in english like “View Full Post” and other things in administration menu, i saw that in graphene/languages folder there are many files exactly it_IT.po and, maybe i must enable em? And if this is true how to?



    Try look at the Italian Graphene files with this plugin:




    thank ya for your reply Kim, I installed your plugin which is awesome 😀 but it cannot fix my matter, infact the voice View Full Post is not in the list, prob i have to edit the Graphene code which generate a new class every slide is done? ;(



    Well, View Full Post is in my Graphene Danish Language file,

    I have translated it 🙂

    Then again, what version of Graphene have You installed?




    it is unbelievable … I Found the view Full Post in but it cannot be foud in Oo” nor .po

    graphene version 1.2.1



    Edit: Have You made a rescan with codestyling, there might be lines not translated.

    Well, the hard way is to rename the english files (or any language) to & .po

    and make it right, let google get to work 🙂

    But then again: Italian (it_IT), by Ermes Gelosa



    Syahir Hakim


    The string is not there probably because the Italian translation file has not been kept up-to-date. The theme’s translations are done and updated by volunteers, and it may just be that the person who did the Italian translation for the theme (Ermes Gelosa) has not have time to update it.

    But as Kim said, you can use the Codestyling Localization plugin to rescan for strings, and it will add the missing strings into the .po and .mo file, which you can then translate.




    When I changed the language to NL, I found a fould. I tryed to change it, but it doesn’t work and the site used the default language.

    Can anywhone tell me how to get the languages right?

    Greetz Linda



    Problem solved! I used the Codestyling Localization plugin



    WordPress Theme Language follow the Language You have in WordPress 🙂

    Try reading this post:

    If You cant get it right, please ask again.

    PS. Its more easy to help if you supply link/URL to the site in question.


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