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  • thefan291


    It might be that i do not find the configuration options to change this, but I need some help on changing the page-look.

    Here is how mine currently looks:


    Here is the modifications i want:


    So basicly I want it 1. moved so it touches the border on the left and 2. a smooth border top-right.

    If you can tell me what to do please tell 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    URL to your site?



    (licensed under Creative Commons)

    my website is the normal graphene theme with a few edits in color and such,

    but i cannot make a normal page look like that… tried many difrent ways aleady


    Kenneth John Odle


    For #1: {
    padding-left: 0;

    Although it looks terrible: padding exists to make things more readable. You might want to try a value of 3px, at the very least.

    For #2:

    .two-columns .post {
    border-radius: none;



    Editing the css with those does not make any difrence in Graphene 1.8.3

    maybe wrong placement, but still “.two-columns” should be recognized right?


    Prasanna SP

    Editing the css with those does not make any difrence in Graphene 1.8.3

    DO NOT edit parent theme style.css. Add the above code to Graphene Options –> Display –> Custom CSS or child-theme style.css.



    Child theme style.css did not work properly even though i copied the custom generated css and followed


    so i decided to put it in the main theme .css, however its probably better to have it in custom CSS so i moved it to there,

    still no effect though…

    Prasanna SP


    You must place child theme alongside the parent theme, not within the parent theme.








    Changed location to: >/content/themes/graphene-child/style.css

    loads the orginal style.css if i enable child theme, so i switched back again…


    Kenneth John Odle


    I am not finding a graphene-child folder in your themes folder. Please post a screenshot if you can of your directory structure.

    Also, you are using a very old (1.5.5) version of Graphene. You should update.

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