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    I need help, i like to change de header image and i dont know. Can I help me? thx



    Click apperenace on the wordpress dashboard, then click header – then on the header screen pick a Default Image or upload your own header. Then Click save changes.

    For future refrence: The answer to common questions like these can be found fairly fast by using the search box next to your login name




    I’m also having trouble with this.

    I can see where I can change the image to one of the 4 or 5 that are pre-loaded, but I cannot find an option for uploading a new HEADER image.

    I’m not talking about the background (I see that option). The header image specifically.


    THanks in advance.


    Prasanna SP





    Thank you Prasanna, however my problem is that I do not see BUTTONS for browsing/choosing a file from my computer.

    Here’s all I am seeing when I open Header Image:

    Prasanna SP


    It seems you are using Live Customization feature. Go to Dashboard –> Appearance –> Header. There you’ll see the option to choose/upload header image.



    THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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