Change front page from blog post to static page is not working.

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    I thought the theme was originally set up with the front page as a static page because the front page does not display the blog posts, it displays the content of the ‘home’ page. When I went into the settings to see what the blog post page was called, “Your latest posts” was selected for the front page. The posts do not display anywhere and when I delete the content in the home page and publish a post, nothing shows up.

    Originally we were not going to have blog posts so this all started when I went in to see what page had been set up for the blog posts. What I want is the front page to be a static page and a separate page to be the blog page.

    I have created new pages and selected the front page to display a static page, but if I make any changes and test the new static home page I get an error that there are too many re-directs and the website won’t display.

    The person that set up the theme knew some coding and may have made some changes to have the front page ignore the posts and display the content that is in the home page. I do not know php, know basic html, am just learning css and wouldn’t even know where to start to fix this.

    the website is:

    Any help or suggestions you can offer is greatly appreciated!




    Theme does not change Reading Settings. The person who set up theme for you must have changed these settings.

    So, what do you want to have now? Static front page or recent posts on homepage?



    Hi Prasanna,

    Thank you for your prompt response! I want the front page to be static and the blog posts page to be a different page. Thanks!

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