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    I try to change the font for the post in my graphene theme. My blog is minimalist and is more about reading so I do not use a lot of fonts. I want to integrate two font types to use for the post and one for the title.

    I`ve seen that if you change the font in a simple way is possible that will not be shown on some computers where is not installed. So google fonts with the import comand will solve the problem. I have this code: @import url(; and I paste it in a line in the custom CSS:


    I think that in this moment I have a font, what is the next step to see my post with this font?

    How do I use the form in graphene options display/text style?

    I see this: Enter the Google Webfont font family string in the format that is used in the Webfont Loader, one font family per line.

    Example: Pontano+Sans::latin,latin-ext

    What do I have to enter in this box?




    Can I get a little help please?



    I looked around the forum and could not find any good response for my questions.

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