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    Hi all! I’ve been prowling around here trying to figure out how to change the background of a single page to an image instead of a color, and I finally managed to make that work (yay!). Most of my website has a black background, but I’m experimenting with a light colored background image to see if it’s easier on the eyes.

    However, now that I’ve got the background image working, I can’t seem to change the font color for this page. I’ve used this code:

    .post-231 {
    background: clear;
    background-repeat: repeat-y;
    background-position:top center;
    color: #000000;

    But for whatever reason, it just doesn’t want to change the font color. It keeps it at the same light grey/blue as the rest of the website. I even tried changing the text color from the Edit Page form, but it doesn’t work there either. I feel like I must be missing something really simple and obvious…. Help???

    I think it might be easier — if I decide that this does look better — to just change the background image for all of the content areas on the site…in which case I could just change the default font colors, right? If I did that, what would my custom CSS code look like? I mean, instead of .post-231, what tag would tell it to apply the change everywhere?

    Here is the website:

    And the page (which isn’t linked to anywhere yet) is :



    Kenneth John Odle

    .entry-content p, .comment-entry p {
    color: #000000;



    If it is just the font color, the easy way to do this is just use <font color="COLOUR_CODE">YOUR TEXT</font>


    Kenneth John Odle


    True, but use of <font> tag is deprecated.



    Thank you so much! That worked perfectly! I figured out that I can add .post-231 before the code you gave, and it changes the color on just that page, but if I leave the .post-231 out it changes it site-wide, so that is exactly the solution I needed.

    Much appreciated!

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