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    I would like to change the colour of the text in the widgets area. The colour of the titels of blog posts and the colour of the text in widgets remains the same. I would like to select the colour seperately. Can someone help me out?

    And how can I make my header clickable? (give it an URL).

    – Dave (I’m a beginner, started a few days ago with WordPress)



    All this goes in your custom CSS. By the way, it helps SIGNIFICANTLY when you include a url to your webpage in which you are questioning.

    Widget Title Text Color:

    .sidebar h3 {
    color: #000000;

    Change the hex color code to whatever you like.

    Post Title Text Color:

    This can be changed via the admin panel graphene options settings page. Go to appearance -> graphene options -> “display” tab -> color options. Then, scroll to the bottom of this options box and select “Title Text”.

    To make header clickable:

    Go to admin panel -> appearance -> graphene options -> “display” tab -> header display options. Here, check the box for “link header image to front page”.

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