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    Hello 🙂

    Under settings I can change all kind of colors, but how can I change color on the links in pages og post?

    The color I have set up in settings is good for the menu and the widgets.



    Link to your site?

    This is your current set up which defines all link colors of the site:

    a, .post-title, .post-title a, #comments > h4.current a {
    color: #000;

    You’re using the same color for text and links so it’s really hard to see what is a link and what’s not.

    Do you want to use another link color within post/page content? Then you might have to create a separate function and class.

    Or do you want to change the color a link has when visited or hovered?



    This is the site:

    You find no content be course the site is not ready yet. But vill soon be 🙂

    If you look at my link, there’s one word in the content, which is a link and that’s “her” – but nobody can see it, just as you say.

    Everybody knows that the menu in the top and the menu in the right side (widgets), are links, therefor I want to change link color on page/posts content and also when hover.


    .entry-content a {
    color: #000000;

    If you want to specify “visited” and “hovered” colors then just visit the following link.



    Thank you, thank you, works perfect!

    Tried all kind of things – but not this one 🙂

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