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    Beside the posts, it shows a calendar that shows when the post was published. How do I change the color of the calendar beside the post?


    Kenneth John Odle


    That is an image file. You will need to alter the associated image file in order to change the color.

    However, you can create your own image file to use and then associate it with the date using css. You can also forgo the use of an image file and construct a background using nothing more than css. See gendji’s website for a great example:



    Gendji opted to remove the date icon because of the “real estate” displaying the date icon costs.

    Instead, he decided to go with inline date, giving him a slightly wider content area.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Bummer — that was really cool.



    Well… I think I’m partly responsible (hands in pocket, rolling eyes side to side, “kicking” the ground)

    Here’s the thread:



    Still have it in my css file, just gotta figure out a way to get it back so that it only shifts the title and category to the right without shifting the post body.

    Using the inline option was the best solution for now so no worries Josh 🙂

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