Change color of bottom bar, centering the copyright info

  • Johnny Canuck


    Hi again. Thanks for this theme, I really love it.

    I’ve only got two things left to do (I think) to get my site the way I want it. One is, there’s a big white bar on the bottom of the page (see screenshot, below), and I need to change it to the color I set the rest of the page to. Where can I do this?

    I would also like to change the copyright info so that it’s centered.

    Thanks in advance,

    Johnny Canuck




    That’s combined to sprite image (/images/sprite_h.png). You can upload a new image to your site to use it as footer background.

    #footer {
    background:url("Image URL");

    If you want to change footer color by not using any image, (Add this to custom CSS. Graphene Options–> Display–> Custom CSS)

    #footer {
    background: #005599;

    then change the color code i.e #005599.

    (Please include a link to your site here. It helps to test elements)

    Johnny Canuck


    Thanks Prasanna! That worked for the bar.

    Any idea how I can center the copyright info?



    You will need to target the copyright id. Try this:

    #copyright {
    padding-left: 200px;

    The best way to center this is using the padding property. You will most likely need to adjust the 200px to whatever value works best for you. We are basically “pushing” the copyright info to the right.

    (It’s kinda hard to give a specific code without seeing your website).

    Johnny Canuck


    Oh, ok, so you can’t really center it, then.


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