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    I love this theme. It was very easy to do almost everything. I’m down to just one small issue that I can’t figure out.

    Probably as easy as changing or adding a line in the “Graphene: Stylesheet (style.css)” I found in the editor tab under the Appearance tab. If not, I’m probably going to need some step-by-step help, because I have no training in web design. I never used css before yesterday. I apologize for my newbness.

    Ok, here’s my question!


    I don’t know what the font in those three locations is referred to as, but I hate that color.

    According to Photoshop, (where I posted a screen shot and used the “eyedropper”), the color is either #e3e3e3 or #d8d8d8 — neither of those codes appear in that “Graphene: Stylesheet (style.css).”

    The color I’d like to use is #ff7500 (it’s a shade of orange).

    My temporary blog link location is

    I’m moving from Quick Blogcast to WordPress.

    Can anyone help me out?


    Kenneth John Odle

    Probably as easy as changing or adding a line in the “Graphene: Stylesheet (style.css)”

    First, you do not want to edit theme files. Use a child theme or custom css option.

    For the first one, add this to custom css:

    .previous, .previous a, .previous a:visited, .next-post, .next-post a, .next-post a:visited, .parent-return {
    color: #FF7500;

    For the second and third:

    #comments > h4, #respond > h3, {
    color: #FF7500;

    Since you don’t like captchas, be sure to use a solid plugin like Akismet to prevent comment spam.



    Thank you for replying.

    I LOVE your avatar jedi.

    I went to the child theme link you gave me (and thank goodness that you did, because I had no idea what it was). It redirected to another link of how-to stuff.

    Create a directory in your themes directory to hold the child theme. The theme directory is wp-content/themes.


    Okay, so where exactly am I going? I tried appearance > themes but that didn’t give me an option to create a directory.

    I do see the Akismet plug-in waiting to be activated. So it’s on my to do list. 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    You’ll need to have FTP access to your site, along with an FTP client like FileZilla.



    How do I get or know if I have FTP access? And what or where is FileZilla?

    (I’d ask what FTP means, but I know I’m probably not going to understand the answer.)

    Is there honestly not a faster and easier way? Has no one, seriously, come up with something that has a click paste kind of setup?

    As much as I’d love to learn this stuff, I need this knowledge in DAYS. This blow came out of nowhere. So I’m not dealing with weeks or months to learn computer code. I’m dealing with days. When I graduated high school, there had just been new computers with the very latest thing- Microsoft Works. WORKS. AOL was on version 2.0, and made a hideous sound while connecting (didn’t even have 56K yet).

    Getting this right is important to me, but I don’t expect to become a coder overnight. With every new step I take, I up the odds of totally screwing up everything beyond repair.

    So, is it reasonable to assume that I’ll be able to figure out FTP access and master FileZilla in the next 36 hours? Is there a step by step wiki-how sort of site I can refer to in order to manage to copy paste two items? Because once I have that done, I’m never going to touch this again (praying with my whole heart for that to be true). I just need exactly enough knowledge to copy paste the codes you gave me. I will not fiddle with it again. Yes, even if it’s super cool and can let me drive the new DeathStar around. Even if fiddling with it would induct me in to Hogwarts, I still wouldn’t. I want to get to the, “yay, it’s DONE” place by Monday. And hopefully not have to tweek or adjust or alter my blog again for the next decade at least. This is a horrible nightmare that I’ve lost sleep over and currently curse out.

    So please, can you help me? Can you help someone who knows less about this than a six year old? Or am I in so much trouble that I need to go post in the “job” forum and pay someone to copy paste two things? What would that cost, do you suppose? Someone who knows how to do this… how long would it take? An hour? Five minutes? What’s the appropriate payment for five minutes of work? If I can’t figure out this FTP whatever thing you are talking about, and then figure out child theme, and THEN figure out where to copy paste… I’m looking at buying this service, hoping not to get ripped off. So how difficult will this be to learn? How hard is this task which I’m about to undertake?



    Never mind. I can see that I’m FAR over my head. That I’ve asked an extraordinarily complicated question.

    This isn’t like Microsoft word, paint, or photoshop where, to change a font color, I highlight and click. This requires learning a fifth language. As much as I love learning, I know I can’t learn a whole new language in a day. I’m smart, but I’m not a robot. This isn’t the Matrix where knowledge could just be downloaded into my head. (I wish.) That 1550 on the SATs has looked less and less valuable every year for the past seventeen years.

    So, I just posted over at the job board, because I know when to surrender. It’ll appear as soon as someone approves it. Probably after they get done laughing at me for being willing to pay for something that, to them, is as simple as chewing gum. Yeah well.

    Thanks for trying to help. Sorry for my lack of knowledge.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can paste the codes I gave you in Graphene options >> Display Options >> Custom CSS



    That is SO much easier. Thank you.

    I wish I had known that sooner.



    It worked.

    Please pass along my extreme thanks to the extraordinary individual (or team members) who had the great sense to create that simple, easy to use, user friendly box in Graphene options >> Display Options >> Custom CSS .


    Kenneth John Odle


    The custom CSS feature is the reason I originally went with Graphene. Goodness, that seems like years ago, now.

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