Change backgroud colors of front page or header?

  • 007me



    Any way to change the background colors of the front page? Or the header were the title of the blog it? Or the text color of front page, header, or post?

    Used to work on Graphene…


    Syahir Hakim


    For the background, you can change it in WP Admin > Appearance > Background.

    For the colours of the theme’s elements, we’ll be adding that feature in the future. At the moment, we want to achieve a solid foundation for the theme first, then we’ll continue building on it.



    But changing the background only change it in posts and pages but not the front page.


    Syahir Hakim


    That is because each element in the front page has its own background colour, except for the static front page content. Changing background colour will also mean that you would need to change the text and border colours as well, which is why for now we haven’t added it yet.

    Developing a proper colour customisation module is quite a major undertaking. We will be adding it in the future so that we can really develop a proper module rather than pushing for rushed code in the initial release.




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