Centering Widgets in Right Sidebar

  • fsautter


    I am using the Graphene child theme and have the “Youtube Sidebar Widget” installed. I am trying to figure out how to center the video thumbnail and video title in the widget sidebar. I can change it in Firebug just fine but when I change it in the style.css nothing happens.



    If you can disable the maintenance mode for a while, we could take a look at the issue.



    I deactivated it. I did get it to center however the line below the thumbnails also moved with it which threw the lines off-center. Thanks for your help!



    Try this,

    #youtube-sidebar-widget ul li {
    padding-left: 40px !important;
    width: 85% !important;



    PERFECT! You are awesome! I never thought to mess with the padding. Thank you so much!

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