Center a specific widget?

  • lalamums


    Hello, is it possible to center a specific widget?



    Link to your site and the widget name?



    I havent put it in yet at my site.. but I want to learn how to do it..

    I guess every widget gets an ID that you could find with firebug?

    what code do i use to make a specific widget centered?

    There should be some standard code.. and then you just alter the “ID” for every specific widget?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Like this:

    But keep in mind that “centered” is relative. Do you mean you want the text in that widget centered (which is what the above code will do), or do you want to center the content of a widget within that space (such as ad content). There is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution. Never assume that there is.



    I want the whole widget to be centered of the third column.

    I have 300 px right sidebar and I wanna make a specific widget centered.

    The link you gave me

    #text-14 {

    text-align: center;


    What does this do?


    Kenneth John Odle


    It will center all the text within the widget.



    But i want everything to be in the center..

    what does text-14 refer to? what does it mean?



    text-14 is the ID of that specific widget.

    I still don’t get what you mean by “whole widget to be centered of the third column.”. It is hard to imaging without seeing the live site or at least the screenshot.



    So the number 14 is the ID?!

    What i mean is the whole are of that special widget.

    If I get a social icon widget, the icons are showing to the left

    But i Want them to be centered.

    I use Easy Social Icons.

    But this was just one example, I want to learn the code standard code for making change in a widget.



    If you want to center the content/text within the widget, use text-align: center;

    If you want to center the widget itself, use margin: 0 auto;

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