Category/Archive lose format?

  • Anonymous


    It’s all ok for the first/front page, but when I click to a category or monthly-archive, the texts of the list are all ripped off their format, without table,paragraph…(if you cilck “read more” to go deeper for a single one, it’s ok), some google search tellls to change ” <!–?php the_excerpt(__(‘» Read more…’)); ?–> ” in the archive.php, but i couldn’t find that one.

    help~~, please~


    Kenneth John Odle


    URL? When I click on your name, I get a “server not found” message.


    Syahir Hakim


    Those are excerpts, and in excerpts all HTML tags are stripped. Use the Graphene Options > Display > Excerpts Display Options > Retain these HTML tags in excerpts to retain some of the HTML tags.

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