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    I can’t figure this one out, so I am hoping someone can help.

    My categories are placed in the footer under Topics. I noticed today that when you click on a topic you get the 404 error message. Thinking that it may have something to do with the NextGen Gallery plugin I recently installed I deactivated it, but nothing changed. The archives and tags are working fine.

    Thanks for your support.



    Okay, so I figured it out. First I must say most of the problems I have encountered have been with the WordPress SEO plugin. I went to the SEO forum and found a temporary fix for the issue. But apparently it will work but if I edit the categories I will have to do this step again.

    The fix was to un-check the category-base and save, then re-check it, and save again. Although not a permanent solution I am happy that I could figured it out. This is where I found the information i

    So I am marking this a resolved and thanks again!

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