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    I use the update version graphene version 1.6 and I have made a childtheme.

    My search functions work not optimal

    1. Recent post archive

    2. Category post archive (Zoek iets met – Search something about)

    3. Tag archive

    When I click on a category or tag I like to see

    – Title of the post

    – Text

    – Button Read more

    Isee in my archive the following lay out of the posts

    – only a title

    – title and text

    – title, text and button

    Can I use this solution? (see below) If yes, where do I place the php files in my child-theme!!!

    For the tag archive issue, replace the content of tag.php file with the updated one here:

    For the comment count being displayed despite comments being disabled completely, replace the content of the loop.php file with the updated one here:



    Yes, you need to update your tag.php and loop.php files.

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