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    i would like to use the category page plugin by pixline.

    I installed the plugin and customized it and then i copied the code to the page.php of the theme but i can’t see a result?

    <?php if( function_exists(page2cat_pages)){
    } ?>

    Could you help me please.




    Please put your code between backticks. I’ve added them in your first post.



    You really shouldn’t edit core Graphene files. Instead, you can create a new page template and add it to your graphene directory. Then, in the page template, you can create a new div, and insert your code from above.

    I’m not sure where you inserted the code in page.php. But, it would have needed to be inserted in an area where it will be visible on the page.

    Try creating a new file (my_categories.php) in your graphene root directory. The file should look something like this:

    Template Name: My Custom Categories


    if( function_exists(page2cat_pages)){


    This is untested, but give it a try.



    Oh, once you created your custom page template. When you go to your editor to create a new page.. look over on the right for templates. In the dropdown, choose “My Custom Categories” as your page template.



    @Prasanna: understand – next time.

    @Josh: thx – i tried it but doesn’t work, but i think there is perhaps on other place a mistake

    I will try again



    Hi Josh,

    i tried like you explained it but nothing happens? The site is and a tried it with a test page under guiding.

    Do you have any idea what is running wrong?

    Please help me.



    Kenneth John Odle


    Any plugin that requires you to modify theme core files or WP core files is not worth the trouble most of the time.

    Use Kalin’s Post List Plugin, which will do exactly what you want with much less effort. Here is a tutorial:



    thx – i found a solution

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