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  • rnitcher


    When I view posts by categories the post image only shows a portion of the image and does not look correct since it’s a big larger image. It shows fine on the single page post. Is there a way to disable or edit the code to remove the images if you select post by categories or do the images have to match a certain size?


    Syahir Hakim


    The thumbnail images are cropped automatically from the original image into the thumbnail size. WordPress actually allows you modify the thumbnail for each of the uploaded images, though the feature is somewhat hidden and not very intuitive. See the screenshot below:




    I’ll try that.. What’s weird if I change featured image to a smaller one that works it looks fine. If I drop that image it brings back another one of my images stored but it’s not on the post nor did I select it as a featured post.. Where is it getting the image from when I click on Categories and see the posts?


    Syahir Hakim


    If there is no featured image selected, it’ll display the first image uploaded for that post, even if that image is not inserted into the post.



    Great info. I appreciate your quick response.

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