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    Hi all,

    I do apologise for asking this, I know it’s been asked and answered a couple of times in this forum. The solution isn’t working for me and I can’t figure out the reasons as to why. I’m attempting to remove the term “Category Archive” from my archive pages. I have put the following into my child functions php yet it’s not removed the aforementioned term. Any guidance would be appreciated. And, again, sorry for asking something that’s already been solved for others previously….


    function graphene_filter_gettext( $translated, $original, $domain ) {
    $strings = array(
    'Category Archive: <span>%s</span>' => '<span>%s</span>',
    if ( ! empty( $strings[$original] ) ) {
    $translations = &get_translations_for_domain( $domain );
    $translated = $translations->translate( $strings[$original] );
    return $translated;
    add_filter( 'gettext', 'graphene_filter_gettext', 10, 3 );

    Kind Regards,



    Kenneth John Odle


    Is this the entire contents of your child theme’s functions.php file?

    Try changing the 3 to a higher number.

    Moved to Support.



    That’s got it. Many thanks again, Kenneth.

    And, yup, that’s the entire contents of my .php file. I avoid touching it. Almost every time I do so, I manage to break my website. 😉




    Kenneth John Odle


    FWIW, the 3 is the “precedence” that this function have. Increasing that number moves this function up in the hierarchy.

    (That’s actually a terrible explanation, but I’m too tired at the moment to remember the proper explanation.)

    Glad it worked for you.

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