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    I just switched over to the graphene theme from another theme that uses categories and sub-categories in the navigation menu. Currently I have my parent pages in the main menu, and, using the custom menu feature, I have my categories in the secondary menu. I would like to add the child categories as drop-downs in the secondary menu. How do I do that without changing my categories to pages?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You can do that with your custom menu. Just add the categories and then move them to where you would like them to appear.



    I don’t think you understood my problem.

    My website is The menu structure I have now is what I want to re-create.

    If I add the categories to a custom menu in the graphene theme, I get a menu that looks like an unordered lis.


    member chat screenshots guides stories current news professions


    What I want is a menu containing my parent category where the drop down menu contains the child category.

    The Professions category is a child category of Guides. Screenshots and Stories categories are child categories of Member Chat. Right now graphene does not recognize the child categories. If I re-structure everything to be PAGES instead of CATEGORIES the menus work. Right now the only way I see to get it to look like I want, is to re-write my content to be pages instead of categories.

    There has got to be a simple coding solution to get graphene to recognize the child categories and put them in the drop-down list. I have not been able to do it using the custom menu interface.


    Kenneth John Odle


    You have to add the child categories on their own to the custom menu and then move them so they are under the parent category, but indented a bit. Check out my tutorial:

    It will work, you just need to arrange things to be the way you want, and then remember to tell Graphene to use your custom menu in the “theme location” pane.



    Ok, I followed your tutorial. The child categories do not show up in the custom menu as indented. They are the same level as the parent category.



    Ok NVM. I see how you can move them.

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