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  • horndasch


    I am using the List Category Posts plug in to list relevant blog posts at the bottom of pages. Today the excerpts generated have started to include messy [caption] code. I have installed some new plug ins today so I disabled those but this didn’t solve it.

    Any ideas?

    An example is here: http://tibetanwomen.org/campaigns/


    Kenneth John Odle


    I am not quite sure what is happening here, but I use Kalin’s Post List plugin to achieve similar effects without any problems. If you cannot solve this any other way, you might want to give it a try.



    Thanks Kenneth, I’m just having a go with this now here – http://tibetanwomen.org/test/

    The [post_thumb] shortcode doesn’t seem to work though, as only image URLs are displaying (it says it needs theme compatibility) and I want the thumbnails to show really, so this might not be the solution…



    Had you previously been using this plugin with graphene successfully?



    Yeah it was fine until yesterday



    Ok figured out how to use Kenneth’s recommended plug in now – it’s a little more fiddly but doesn’t seem to have any compatibility issues.


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