Can’t use some nav bar colors because the search bar color can’t be set

  • Chlorine


    As shown on — I can set the main menu bar to whatever background color I like, but the search field text and the fa search icon on the button, are always white. This makes it impossible to use a light-colored nav bar because you don’t have enough contrast between the background and foreground.

    Sure, this can be fixed with custom CSS, but not simply — it takes three separate rules to get everything a reasonable color.

    Please either give us a control to set the search field text, outline and magnifying glass icon to a selected color, or automatically set them to something that will contrast but coordinate with the background they’re sitting on (bearing in mind it might be the top bar background that’s the relevant setting).

    We shouldn’t have to jump thru hoops and be CSS experts to be able to use colors that suit us on the menu bar.



    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the feedback. In the next theme update, we’ll add a couple more colour options to select the top bar foreground and link colours.

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