Can't upload header image

  • KarenKramer


    Can anyone help…

    Using wordpress

    Tried to upload a new header image

    Get “Do you really want to do this” Click on “Try Again”

    Goes back to screen where I upload image… but image never shows.

    I was able to upload my new header image into the Media files ????







    I checked all the options on that page Kim… I’m talking about this option:

    Where I am suppose to be able to upload a header image from my computer. When I try to upload I get the “Do you really want to do this” message.. then nothing. There is no option to say “Yes”.

    Thanks for your help.



    Tried using Filezilla FTP to post header.jpg directly to header image files but the custom header still will not show up.



    Well, where was the answer 🙂




    Well, where was the answer 🙂




    I changed my custom header image tag to that of one of the theme images choices. techno.jpg.

    Now my problem is the text is still showing over the image in some browsers even though I checked the box to not show text.


    Syahir Hakim


    Try again. Sometimes it just takes twice. Dunno why.

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