Can't set menu under header image

  • TonyWilliams


    I’m trying to set the menu under the header image. It keeps showing a list of all my pages. If I select my preferred menu wfrom the drop down list it doesn’t appear to accept that and keeps showing all the pages. What am I missing?





    The menu right below the header is usually for the pages and the menu below the pages is for the categories. Setting the menus can be confusing though.

    Dashboard > Appearance > Menus

    On the top there is an option to create seperate menus where you can add all your pages and categories.

    That’s how I have managed it:

    On the bottom you can choose where you want the pages and categories within that specific menu to be displayed.

    When you created the menus you need to add the pages or categories to it and then choose where you want them to be displayed.



    Great thanks that worked fine.


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