Can’t select and save custom menu in navigation for Header menu.

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    In the theme customization in navigation are settings for Header menu, Secondary menu and Footer menu. In Secondary menu and Footer menu I can change different custom menus and save them, but in Header menu I can’t change anything. Custom menus are shown (the same as in Secondary and Footer), but when I select one, nothing change and button Saved doesn’t change to Save & Published. My Header menu (in page preview) always showing Home button and everything from Appearance/Menus/ Pages, most recent.

    I tray everything but I can’t solve this problem.


    I’m working locally not online so I can’t write a link.

    Thx, BR


    Kenneth John Odle


    Try disabling your plugins to see if this resolves the issue:

    If that doesn’t solve the issue, try changing to the default 2011 theme to ensure that it is not a theme-related issue.

    You haven’t edited any core Graphene or WordPress files, have you?

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    If I use Child or Twenty Eleven, everything works fine. I didn’t make any changes. If I disable all plugins the situations is the same.

    I am suspicious on plugin “p2pConverter” (), its disabled, but I used it before to convert pages to post and issue is that menu always showing” Most recent pages”?

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    I still didnt found a solution, any help?

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    Today I make clean installation for WordPress and then install Graphene. Issue is the same!



    Did you try live customization?



    Syahir Hakim


    It seems like you’re using an outdated version of WordPress (3.1). Any specific reason for not updating?

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    Prasana, exactly there where you show in picture doesnt work, but work her:


    I have latest WordPress.

    Thx, BR



    I have the same issue: I see that this was resolved…but what was the soloution.

    I have the latest WP and I tried disabled all plugins… but nothing worked..

    Someone please help??

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