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    I have installed Graphene for a customer and now the pages ‘Music’ and ‘Contact Us’ don’t open when you click on them in the header section. In the sidebar it works. The problem only arises when using Firefox as a browser. with Internet Explorer it works. The provider told me it is a problem with the theme graphene. But until this morning the Contact Us page worked. The music page I only set up this afternoon.I also deactivated all plugins, so it isn’t a plugin problem. The site is:

    I hope anybody has a solution to it.

    Thanks so far.


    Syahir Hakim



    The Site Description (where it says “Ukelele Duo”) overlaps the menu, hence preventing the menu to be clickable. I noticed that the #header h2 is set to have a line-height of 100pt. This is what caused the problem. Try using the CSS top property to modify the vertical position of the site description rather than using line-height.

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