Can't introduce AdSense code

  • Zina


    Hello ! I love very much the Graphene theme , but I can’t introduce the AdSense code. When I click on “Save all options” it appear ” ERROR: Bad URL entered for the Custom URL ” Please help me ! Thank you !




    Where are you adding Adsense code?



    On Graphene Options – AdSense Options.



    Don’t really know what to say….

    Are you using asynchronous code type provided by google?

    Do you copy all code provided by google (including script tags) and not just UA-#######-#?



    Well… Look at my site, please !

    See the three spaces with a number, 4468…- between the excerpts from my posts. They are the spaces for adsense. I can’t put the codes, not just UA… but all code. When I try, on Graphene Options > Adsense Options, and when I click on” Save all options”, the response is: ”ERROR: Bad URL entered for the Custom URL.” My codes AdSense are now in widgets, on slide.

    I wish delete those spaces, but I dont know how. I am not such expert ! 🙂 Can you help me, please ? Thank you !


    Kenneth John Odle


    The AdSense feature is just a placeholder for any html or javascript. Try adding something simple like:

    <p>Testing AdSense</p>

    If that doesn’t work (i.e., you get the same error) then try disabling plugins and trying again.

    Please do not disable right-click. It makes it impossible to use Developer Tools to try to diagnose these problems. Nobody wants to steal your content, and if they do, there are ways they can do it regardless of whether right click is disabled or not. I am unable to further diagnose anything on your site.



    Well, Kenneth, I must disable right-click, because it is un site for children and youth, and they prefer steal ! But for 2-3 days… I will disable it.

    Where can I add the little code ?

    Thank you very much !


    Kenneth John Odle

    Where can I add the little code ?

    Graphene Options >> Adsense Options



    I add the code, but the same answer: ERROR: Bad URL entered for the Custom URL.



    post your code here so we can see what it is your actually putting on. delete off your UA code though too look like this (not that i think it’ll be a problem) UA-#######-#

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