Can't get Slider to appear at bottom of page when using child theme

  • dklesch


    Hi –

    I cannot get the slider to appear at the bottom of the page when I use my child theme.

    I have tried to troubleshoot this issue by removing all code from my child theme’s CSS, but even when the file is empty except for the @import statement, I still cannot get the front page slider to display on the bottom of the page when “Move slider to bottom of page” is checked. It works fine at the top of the page when using the child theme, and it works fine on top or bottom when not using a child theme.

    I have the latest version of Graphen installed and there are no other plugins enabled.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!




    Kenneth John Odle


    Ummm…you didn’t make any changes to the original style sheet did you?

    Also, have you added a functions file to your child theme?



    Nope, no changes to the original stylesheet and no functions file in the child theme.



    That’s because you’re using static front page.



    Yes, that’s true, I am using a static front page. However It works in the both the top and bottom postion when using a static front page with the parent theme. And it also works in the top postion using a static front page in the child theme. So I don’t think “using static front page” is the issue.

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