Can't find the modify link in the article



    With Graphene 1, there was a link at the top of every article allowing to go and modify the article; I cannot find the way to get it back with Graphene 2.04 (sorry this is on my development site; cannot release 2.04 publicly until everything is fixed)



    I believe the feature is now native to WordPress, so Graphene has removed it. You should now be able to see Edit Post or Edit Page in your WP admin bar at the top.


    Hmm; I don’t find this; I have create new (Post,Page), but nothing to modify an existing one except going into the dashboard.



    It appears for me. Looks like you’re having a similar issue as this:


    Problem solved; I did not look in the right place (need to first click on the post, which was not the case with Grapohene 1)

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