Can't find graphene's plugins…

  • stickmaniaz


    umm.., where i can find graphene’s plugins on the list?

    Can you give me the link ? Or maybe you can help me?

    Thanks (again)



    Not sure what you mean? Plugins can be managed or added through the admin panel via the “plugins” tab.



    theme tab – graphene options – addons and plugins tab (on right)



    No, on the left side of your admin panel. There is a menu tab titled “Plugins”. It’s probably under the “Appearance” tab.

    Click the plugins tab, and you will see your installed plugins. Look up at the top of the page and you can search and install additional plugins.



    on addons and plugins, there’s a plugins list that required for theme…



    It’s not required. It’s just suggested that these plugins work nicely with the theme and the theme was built to support them.

    The addons are things Syahir (the theme designer) has made to extend the functionality of the theme. They are not require either, but may prove very useful.

    All of the wordpress plugins you install will be done through the plugins tab on the left side of the admin panel.

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