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    I have searched your help and support and can’t find where I can add a follow on twitter and facebook icon at the top of the screen next to the RSS one. The post I found seemed old. Can you help? I’m am doing my best to avoid using a child theme and love the custom css box option. Can I put it in there? I’ve found almost everything I need here but I am fixing up a few things that I couldn’t figure out. My site is



    Try this post (3 hours old 🙂

    You have to edit functions.php

    Wonder how You remember changes without Child Theme when You update theme 🙂




    I click on Appearence > Graphene Options > Click on the Display Tab > then Custom CSS and I keep it all in there and I save a copy as a .txt. Will these not save if there is a theme update?



    I like both Your answer & question 🙂

    Its not the full point. Say You need changes in functions.php or any other php file, even empty ones 🙂

    Custom CSS is fine for small styling changes & test before aprove in Child Theme style.css

    Trust me, im not pulling Your leg here. If All Your changes now are in Custom CSS, then its

    easy to make Your very own Child Theme style.css Try search forum for help & update.

    And Get it right from start. Last one, You only need to read the first post here:


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