Can´t customize a blog with Grapehene Theme with "Administrator" user

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    Good Morning

    I get in contact with Graphene theme support for WordPress to open an issue. I have a wordpress multisite updated to the latest version, 4.9.1. Inside, I have several blogs, each with their corresponding users with an “administrator” role. There are blogs that use the graphene theme, and they are telling me that users with an “administrator” role can not access the customization options of the theme (header, colors, etc …) and only these options are visible to the super user administrator of the site. The theme is updated to the latest possible version.

    What could be happening?

    Thanks in advanced!!!


    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the report. This is due to a conflict with the latest version of WordPress. We’ll include the fix in the next update.

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