Can't create Drop Down Menus?

  • sunmoon


    Love the theme!

    I’m having an issue creating drop down menus.

    I’ve gone into apperience > Menus and created a custom menu

    It auto creates the parent menu.

    When I try to add the child menu, I click on check box (selecting the page), I click add to menu. It appears to try to add, but then doesn’t.

    Do I have a setting turned on somewhere that I need to change??

    Thanks in advance,



    Kenneth John Odle


    Try this step-by-step tutorial:

    I think that will get you going.





    Thanks for this great overview. This is exactly what I’m doing.

    It allows me to add custom links – no issue. However, when I go to add a page, I select the page I want to add. Click add to menu. (Just as the blog describes). They just don’t add to my menu.

    I have another wordpress site and this works without any issue.

    Any thoughts???

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