Cant Change Home page blue SEO title that appears in Google?

  • Anonymous


    I use WordPress SEO by Yoast and everything works fine and appears fine on Google except the “SEO Title” no matter what I put it as it always remains as ” Home | I am Dentistry

    Any Suggestions ?

    Thank You


    Syahir Hakim


    Nobody controls what ultimately appears on the Google search result, except Google. I’m sure they cache the search results they return, so whenever you change something it’s unlikely that the change will appear immediately in search results.



    it has been like that for a while and iv seen it update because of the change in the meta description. I just checked and it was still the same old SEO title, which is confusing to me because of the current meta description that’s why I think there has to be something wrong that every 4 weeks I check its the updated meta but same unusual title?



    Read this perhaps? –



    ok I guess I’m stuck with the title for now, thank you for your help

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