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    Hi everyone,

    I try to add some links ( home,privacy policy, terms of use, etc. ) in footer. I had a text line there and then I wanted to put these links under the text there as second line. But I thought that, it could be better when I insert there before the second line a small logo image.(48x48px)

    I found out in forum ( similar topic and then followed and copied the codes there exactly. But again I couldn’t achive to see logo image there. I know that, it’s simply putting the image source code and then align,but somehow I miss something and don’t know what is exactly !?!

    By the way…again a similar issue in header widget area. I’d like to put an ad banner on right side, but in widget it is allowed only left alignment. How can I fix this ?

    Ohh,yeap..lastly..Could you tell me also how I can improve and use a custom ? According to instruction also I tried to create and upload it in .htacsses file in root file. I add also Error 401,402,403.files there too bu still no hope !

    Sorry for questions but a newbie really need your help !

    Thanks in advance.

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