Cannot hide sidebar when creating custom page template

  • foxhunter


    I am trying to make a custom page template so I can embed some JavaScript in the actual page. (Only way to get the results of a query to show.)

    I have followed all the main template guides online, but cannot figure out how to get the sidebar to stop showing. I want to make a duplicate of the single column page template, just with some added JS.




    I have copied the entire contents of loop-page.php to a new template file. Apparently the sidebar is part of the footer code, so I removed


    from the bottom and that did away with the sidebar. (and the footer, but that is doable, I guess)

    I commented out the

    ‘ <?php //the_content(); ?> `

    and put my javascript below that.

    Now the sidebar does not show, but the area where the sidebar was is still there. I need the content section to be 100% width, but cannot figure out how to do that. Ideas?


    Syahir Hakim


    Can you just put the JavaScript code into the page content itself just like any other content, but using code view in the WordPress’ Edit Page screen?



    Unfortunately, no. I do not know enough about JavaScript to explain why it doesn’t work, but I need to create a template page to do this.


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