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    I am having difficulty getting my 2nd sidebar to display. My blog is at

    I am trying to move from having just one sidebar on my blog (to the right) to having the option which displays 2 sidebars (both of which I’d like to the right).

    Under the display tab, I have selected the column layout option which allows for content to the left, then two sidebars to the right.

    I would ideally like a column width of 520 and two sidebar widths of 220 and 220 (making 960) and have set, and saved these options under the column width options section.

    Under the widgets section I have put my aweber form and blogroll under the ‘sidebar widget area’ (which should therefore be in the far right column) and the rest of my widgets like related posts, comments etc have gone in the ‘sidebar 2 widget area’ which should display in the left hand sidebar column.

    I’m getting 2 main problems

    1) all my widgets appear under one single sidebar (the left hand column) and the far right sidebar is blank

    2) there doesn’t look like there is quite enough room in the far right column for a second sidebar, but reducing the widths doesn’t put the widgets into the correct sidebars (although it does make room for the second column)

    Appreciate any help. Apologies in advance if I’m missing something obvious. Thanks again.



    You’re right, there’s just not enough room. 520 + 220 + 220 = 960 but you have to have allocations for margins.

    setting the whole container width to 1020px solves the sidebar problem but you need to update the header image.


    you can just decrease the width of the sidebars.



    Great, sorted. Thanks again ronangelo.

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