cannot evenly place 3 photos on page?

  • Suzannah


    I would like to align these 3 photos evenly on the page please? They keep jumping around … and will not space evenly.

    I would like to be sure they line up well beneath the wider images my client is thinking of using.

    How do I do this please and many many thanks!


    this is the page I am struggling with …



    Did you add some code in the style.css

    I see something like this:

    .alignleft {
    float: left;
    margin: 4px 1em 12px 0 !important;

    remove this.

    another way is to put the three images in a table to align them.



    Thank you for the hints. No I didn’t add any CSS for this so am not sure exactly how that got there! and I’ve never made a table.

    Should I create it in Notepad ++ first do you think?



    my bad.. the code I posted above is indeed included in the default style.css, so lets not touch that.

    edit the page and go to HTML view.

    <table align="center">
    <td> insert image1 here </td>
    <td> insert image2 here </td>
    <td> insert image3 here </td>



    Thank you so much for your help! This is information that I really will use now and in future … so much to learn.

    Thanks again,


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