Cannot Change Content Area Text Color

  • KGN1955


    I have not been able to change the color of the content area text. It is currently set to be blue and it still shows grey.

    I have gone to

    Options>Color>Content Text>Content Text, to change it to blue or any color and it still shows grey on the site.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It is blue. Refresh your browser and server caches.

    FWIW, the blue text on orange background on your front page is impossible to read. Also, videos that play automatically are a bad idea.



    Thanks for the prompt response. The colors are just there now out of frustration. The church wanted red background with white text. It wasn’t changing text color. it always shows grey. As for the video the church wants it to start automatically. I have now changed the background to white with blue text. It does show the white background but the text looks grey. This is the code for the blue it should be #0d15d3. I was trying to send you a screen shot but don’t see a place to do that on the forum response.


    Kenneth John Odle

    but the text looks grey. This is the code for the blue it should be #0d15d3.

    You can verify this using Firebug. In some instances, grey shades will appear blue depending on your monitor settings.

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