Can you make the header 'inline'?

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    I notice that several SEO themes give you the opportunity to make the header ‘inline’ with the theme (meaning that the header becomes part of the theme framework itself, not a separate entity that can be copied/saved or indexed as a single image by the search engines).

    Is it possible to achieve this using the Graphene theme?




    Can no-one help? 🙁


    Kenneth John Odle


    If you put it out there, then the search engines can index it however they want.

    Despite what SEO snake oil salesman tell you, there is absolutely NO way to make every search engine index your site exactly the way you want it to. Even if you can pull it off, they can (and will) change how they do things. Their search engine, their algorithms, their results.

    If you search for “SEO header inline” on Google, this thread shows up at around #20. Most of the other results contain questions that aren’t even similar to yours. See the results here.


    Back in the 1970’s somebody did a survey about energy conservation. They asked people if they had installed a thermidor in their car in order to save energy. People always want to look like they’re doing the right thing, so a not insignificant proportion of them answered “Yes.”

    A thermidor is a way of cooking lobsters.

    I think a lot of SEO themes and plugins and whatevers do the same thing. “We use custom javascript generated thermidors on your site, to boost your SEO rankings. That’s why you should use our theme/plugin/services.”

    Content—meaningful, well-written content, and lots of it—is the key to good rankings. Even if you can use some SEO black magic to get people to your site, what’s going to get them coming back (which is what you really want, people don’t buy things—or click on your ads—until they have a relationship with your site) is lots of good content.

    Sermon over!





    Thanks for your response, Kenneth, but I felt that its tone was a bit unnecessary. This has nothing to do with SEO; I simply don’t want my header to appear in Google images as a separate image (as though it were a thumbnail in the content itself). Since this is the only theme out of hundreds I’ve used that does this (that’s more of an observation than a complaint), that probably explains why my concern isn’t expressed elsewhere on the web.

    Also, I respectfully disagree about your opinion on the nature of search engine indexation: Search engines are programmed to respond to webmasters’ indexation wishes. If I use robots.txt to tell the search engines that I don’t want my entire site indexed, it’s not going to be indexed. If I tell them I don’t want categories indexed, they won’t index them. Same with… images.

    That search engines have the capacity to override these commands is irrelevant, since we know what would happen if a search engine began to completely disregard the indexation wishes of billions of webmasters and index whatever they want, from locked content to private messages.


    Content—meaningful, well-written content, and lots of it—is the key to good rankings.


    To keep Google from indexing your header image, this code in robots.txt should do the trick:

    User-agent: Googlebot-Image
    Disallow: /images/dogs.jpg

    Just change the “Disallow” to the folder/file location of the header image.

    I agree with Ken 100%. Yes, we can “persuade” crawlers… but we can’t tell them directly. Google signs their paychecks… not us 😉



    Thanks Josh, that’s the one!


    Kenneth John Odle

    this code in robots.txt should do the trick:

    The operative word is “should”. Search engines are free to disregard any or all of your robots file.

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