can you disable navigation menu extra text under page buttons

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    the new version under the menu for pages theres some text that i guess is pulled off the page and stuck under the menu button its sloppy looks weird and pushed my last menu link right off the edge abnd out of site

    my page

    if you look at the 2 menu items domain names website hosting you will see what i mean

    how can i disable this text or at least change it


    Kenneth John Odle



    If you are not using Custom Menus, then what appears in your menu are your pages. The description is coming from the description you entered when you created the page. If you edit each page and delete the description, then your problem should go away.




    i found it in the sticky after i posted sorry bout that


    Kenneth John Odle


    No problem. I added the bit in the sticky just before I responded to you.


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