Can we have a translation repository somewhere here?

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    Hi Syahir,

    Again – thanks for a great theme.

    Quite often, the translations to your theme will be updated a bit AFTER you release an update.

    Oh, and then, of course, I may note some typos or other peculiarities, prompting me to update a translation in between releases.

    So, my suggestion is: could we have a repository somewhere here, where one can check the date of the latest po-mo of a certain language (along with a note, whether the language file was updated since the latest theme release).

    For convenience of translators, also the most current pot-file.

    What do you think?



    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Tobi,

    Actually, the theme already has a repository in Google Code:

    Every time any of the language files are updated, I committed them to trunk in that repository, and also updated the language pack available from here:

    And usually, for major updates (e.g. from 1.4.* to 1.5) I send out a notification to all translators at the start of the alpha testing period, so that they can have time to update the translation. It’s only in the case of minor update that I don’t send out the notification, since it will take too long before the minor updates can be published.

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