Can this white border from the play.png be removed?

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    Hi Syahir Hakim,

    it seems that this white border around the play.png comes from the theme. A testsite with a different theme doesn’t show this border.

    Can you please tell me, how this border can be removed?

    Thank you!

    White border shown on mysite:

    White border at “play.png”

    Without white border at a test-site:

    Without white border


    The play.png is from the WordPress-plugin from Garden Gnome Pano2VR.

    Best regards



    Syahir Hakim


    Add this code to the theme’s Custom CSS option:

    .entry-content img,
    .child-page img {
    border: none;



    Hi Syahir,

    thanks a lot! This way the panoramas are looking much better


    Navigation buttons without borders

    Best regards


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